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      產品概述/Product overview
      This equipment is composed by four parts: evaporation room, heating jacket, vapor-liquid separator and stirring device. Our factory has made a lot of research based on jacket heating and designed the internal heating, internal circulating heating, evaporation and crystallizing pan. The users all think the evaporation result is 1.8 times than external heating (jacket heating).
      All the parts that may contact with the product are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti. The heating & evaporation room is like a cylinder shell body. In order to make repairing more convenient, materials of different thickness are used to process in two sections which are connected by the flange. The sealing bottom can be processed into hemispheric shape, dish ship and cone shape. The lower cylinder is installed with viewing mirror to observe boiling condition of the solution, entrainment height, solution concentration, crystallization dimension and distribution condition. Opening inside the boiler body is for easy cleaning and maintenance. Heating jacket is welded on lower boiler part of which the height is determined based on calculated area necessary for evaporation.
      Anchored type stirring device with rotation speed of 6-15 rotations/min is used for stirring purpose. Lower-shaft installation method is adopted which may shorten shaft length and makes it easier for installation and maintenance. 

      主要技術參數參考表/Reference table of main technical parameters 
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