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      產品工作原理 Working principle of the product
      Drum flaker is a cooling crystallization process. The melt in tray will contact with cooled drum and form a layer of membrane on drum surface. The membrane cools down and crystallizes by heat exchanging between membrane and drum wall. The crystallized membrane will be scraped off to form flaked product.
      Drum drying is a continuous operation process to heat and dry materials or strip shaped materials attached on external wall of the drum by heat transfer method when the drum is rotating. 
      設備特點  Features of the equipment
      The performance is of same level
      with imported equipment
      It is set with side scraper which avoids material
      accumulating on side of the drum side product material
      Compact structure of the equipment
      with small floor  area
      Semi-pipe jacketed tray which is safe and reliable
      Atomization cooling with good cooling effect
      Infinitely variable speed and adjustable drum speed
      High precision of the drum
      Wide application scope with easy and flexible operation
      Many groups of scrapers are used which realize flexible regulating
      Multi-functional for flaking and drying

      主要技術參數參考表/Reference table of main technical parameters
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