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      產品特點/Product Features
      OSLO Crystallizer is used for producing larger size crystals with its classifying function. The crystals are fluidized and suspended in a supersaturated liquid which provided an excellent flow field condition for crystals growth.The system supersaturation is generated from the external heat exchanger. The crystal growth region is arranged at the lower part of the crystallizer. Supersaturated liquid is delivered to the bottom of the mold and passes through the crystal bed as it rises. It gradually eliminates supersaturation and grows up.
      We usually design it as a mold with a large diameter of clear area. After removing the supersaturated, the solution is clarified and pumped away to obtain a new supersaturation. The content of crystal particles in circulating mother liquor is less, thereby greatly reducing the contact probability between the impeller and the grain of the pump, lowering the rate of second nucleation providing the necessary conditions for the cultivation of large grain crystals.

      適用范圍/Applied Range
      Suitable for products with good particle size of crystals and low viscosity of mother liquor crystallized in low temperature (or freeze) environment. such as sal glauberi, ammonium chloride, sodium nitrate, persulfate, carbonate, oxalate and so on
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